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V good

Henry, 17 Oct 2020

Great food and service

Paul, 17 Oct 2020

Great Pizza. Miles better than Domino's

Craig, 16 Oct 2020


Gigi, 16 Oct 2020

Excellent service as always

Geraldine, 11 Oct 2020


Adam, 10 Oct 2020

easy, tasty pizza at competitive pricing, wide range of menu to suit many people.

Rian, 09 Oct 2020


Kaya, 09 Oct 2020

Best pizza ever

Steve, 09 Oct 2020

Great pizza at great price

Alysia, 09 Oct 2020

Hi there, I came into store today and was greeted by the front of house guy (really nice guy) and ordered a 15 inch bbq base fully loaded with cheese stuffed crust and mozzarella sticks and chicken strippers with 3 dips... I paid £21.48 for all of that which is a really good deal. This is my usual order and usually there is no issue with the food at all but unfortunately this time there was. After waiting half hour (it's saturday night so understandably busy) my partner had to check the status of our food. We found out that the pizza and sides had been under the heat light for some time as before when recieveing the pizza the box was too hot to put on our legs on the drive home but this time we could put it on our lap with no issue. The guy told us when we ordered that he would give us a wave to let us know it was ready as we was parked opposite the shop window but he didn't let us know it was ready. The board in the shop said the chicken strippers would be £3.89 but we was charged £3.99 (only minor difference) and the pizza was £16.99 for a 15 inch but we was charged £17.99 for it (again minor difference). I didn't want to write anything on social media because In times like we are in it wouldn't be fair to do that but I do feel annoyed that the food was 1) lukewarm 2) overcharged and 3) only given 2 sauces when we paid for 3 because we always have good food and service from milanos but this time was dissapointing. This won't be the last time we use Milanos but hopefully these little inconveniences won't arise on the next visit. Many thanks Harry Cutler

Harry Cutler, 04 Oct 2020

Yummy and quick

Linton, 03 Oct 2020

Stuffed Jalapenos side dish didn't show up in delivery. Not ideal and was too late to be worth contacting yto have sent

Sean Trangmar, 02 Oct 2020

  Reply : Hello Please get in touch with store You will get free pizza on the house thank you ?

Great service - delivered 8 mins early

Debbie, 01 Oct 2020

Delicious pizza n fast delivery

Luis, 24 Sep 2020

Good service

Deborah, 22 Sep 2020

Amazing as always from OJ Team

Oliver, 21 Sep 2020


Kaya, 20 Sep 2020